Key Features


Information access in Fuzion can be secured down to the individual field level, enabling you to provide restricted access to staff, partners, contractors and customers to increase the flow of information in a secure way. Fuzion uses the same industry standard encryption used by financial banking institutions. Data tranfered between your local computer and your Fuzion server is encrypted with industry standard 128 bit SSL encryption.

Fuzion’s tight security allows you to define any type of access by role, including what each user can create, read, edit and delete at the row and field level.With Fuzion, you are not constrained by a limited set of pre-designed access roles.


Capriccio Software has partnered with Microsoft Azure to provide our customers with a world class hosting infrastructure. By utilizing the Microsoft Azure service, we are able to offer our customers the most secure hosting infrastructure available. Microsoft Azure has unparalled experience in managing secure datacenter environments, from both a data security and physical security perspective. By utilizing Microsoft Azure Services, Capriccio Software gains the benefit of all that experience without the corresponding hundred million dollar investment in building data centers!

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