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Key Features

Do you spend too much time tracking and managing your sales pipeline in a spreadsheet?

Do you miss callback dates or let opportunities slip because your tracking system fails to help you prioritize your daily tasks?

Can you go to a single system and review every interaction that you’ve had with a prospect or customer?

Commercial CRM solutions fall short in dealing with unique issues specific to government contracting. Fuzion is purpose built to the specific needs of government contractors. With Fuzion, you will improve in-year revenue forecasting, maximize hours usage on Level of Effort (LOE) contracts, and win more business due to better coordinated pursuit activities.

CRM solutions on the market today only track activities, meetings and opportunities. Fuzion goes beyond the competition, enabling your business development team to act quickly with our integrated skills/qualifications management, proposal management and proposal costing capabilities. Watch your business development efforts grow by tracking your pursuits from Leads and Opportunities through to Proposals and Projects.

Benefits of Capriccio Fuzion CRM

  • Better track, manage, and analyze the opportunity pipeline.
  • Coordinate teamwork across functional or even company lines.
  • Maximize revenue capture, particularly in last weeks of LOE / T&M projects.
  • Manage deliverables.
  • Win more opportunities.

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