Quickbooks Integration

True Integration Using Intuit API

Labor Distribution Through QB Timesheets


Key Features

Fuzion features seamless, one click, real time integration with your desktop Quickbooks (Quickbooks Pro, Quickbooks Enterprise etc). A lot of software claims to integrate with Quickbooks. Often, the “integration” is simply a CSV file export to Quickbooks. That is not integration. Fuzion integrates with Quickbooks via the Intuit recommended method of utilizing the API (Application Programming Interface) provided by Intuit specifically to allow applications to share data with Quickbooks in a secure manner.

Our DCAA compliant timecard system records and tracks employees and 1099 contractors. You can track billable and non-billable work. If you utilize Quickbooks for both payroll and invoices, a single timecard entry will not only feed your invoices in Quickbooks, but it will also drive your project management in Fuzion and your payroll in Quickbooks.

In Fuzion, projects are broken down into tasks, and charge numbers are created for each task to enable individuals to charge time to the project. When a charge number is created, it is linked to a project (which corresponds to a job in Quickbooks), a company (which corresponds to a customer in Quickbooks), a service and payroll item (the same in Quickbooks) and either an employee or contact.

If the charge number is linked to an employee, when that particular employee makes a timecard entry, it will calculate the amount of hours charged against the service item (your rate for that particular employee on a specific job) and feed your invoice information. It will also feed your payroll information. You can create charge numbers for holidays, paid timeoff, internal projects, business development, etc. The timecard entries in Quickbooks will be automatically populated from these entries. Fuzion contains built-in workflow to enable managers to approve timecards online. Only approved timecards can be sent to Quickbooks.

You can also track your 1099 contractors separately. They will not have payroll items, but the service item will be set up with two different prices. One price you are charging your customer and one price that you are paying your contractor. Since the contractor will be attached to a record that will be flagged as a vendor, the timecard entries will still feed your customer invoices, but also show up as a vendor bill to be paid to the contractor.

If jobs, customers, the chart of accounts, service items, etc. already exist in Quickbooks, the initial synchronization with Fuzion will populate Fuzion with all the relevant data from Quickbooks. This can save hours of set up time and is one of the reasons that our up front set up costs are so low. Since our integration with Quickbooks is two-way, when you add new employees or projects you only need to add it in one system. The synchronization will populate the other system, regardless if you prefer to add data originally in Fuzion or Quickbooks.

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